When You Use Your Pressure Washers

High pressure washers are not all created equal. They come in two very distinct categories– hot water and cold water. The capacities to both washers are mostly the same with the flow rate being mostly the same.

The pressure to both the washers is usually the same, with the same facilities and the same cleaning capabilities. Now the question remains as to how we differentiate between the usages of the two.

Heated water is meant for all the tough stains out there washer repair altadena. Dirt, grease or grime you name it and we have it done. With its high heat and agitation, warm water penetrates easily and effectively to all the tough stains.

These washers, in fact, bring you a balance of three essential factors; heat, soap and agitation to deliver you the toughest cleaning solutions. Torrid water is meant to be removing all of the dirt, grease and grime accumulated on the surfaces.

Take the example of the dishes in your kitchen. Cold water will only help rid them of the surface dirt; while warm water actually helps you get the better and more efficient cleaning solutions.

Cold water washers on the other hand help in removal of paint, sand and mud. Combined with detergent a cold water system is only effective when one is working on the not-so-difficult stain areas.

When it comes to pricing, a heated water system is certainly going to pinch your pockets. With its innovative torrid water preventive maintenance systems, including the burner assembly, the redundant and coil excess pressure protection, they pack in more efficiency and hence the difference in costing.

On the other hand, this increased cost, further helps you get a few other benefits. The cost to your labor as well as to the detergent falls way below if you are using a warm water system.

While most people refer to them as steam cleaning pressure washers, there are a few applications which include disinfecting or deicing the washers that has the requirements to steam too. Over the years it has been proven that heated water under high pressure has effectively been a much more effective cleaning method. The effective usage of agitation is what actually brings the heated water washers to a more effective means of cleaning.

Most of the pressure cleaning systems comes with a combination of “steam cleaning” as well as “Saturated cleaning” for cleaning surfaces with higher temperature requirements.

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